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Brochures Photo by Brandi Redd on Unsplash

Tips to Create the Best Brochures for Your Business

Brochures Photo by Brandi Redd on Unsplash Photo by Brandi Redd on Unsplash

Brochures are a great way to reach people with your message. Whether you want them to think of your business for their next project or you have a product you want to sell, brochures are a great way to get that information into the hands of potential clients. To get the biggest impact, follow these tips so your brochures stand out from the crowd.

1. Figure Out Your Main Message

You can’t write someone a novel about why they should hire your company. You don’t have room to list every business success you’ve ever achieved. When you have a very limited space to work with, be specific: what are you really trying to say? Figure out the 10-word version and build slowly up from there. Trying to cut down a big pitch just leaves a clunky message behind.

2. Negative Space is a Must

You’re paying for space and you don’t have a lot of it, so you should use every scrap you have, right? Wrong. Negative space gives your information room to breathe. It draws the eye to the things you want it to see. Overloading your brochure with text and pictures will just make it look “busy” and will be off-putting, not intriguing. Keep things roomy and you’ll have a more appealing product.

3. Use Color Effectively

Color is expensive to print with when compared to simple black and white, but it’s more than worth it. Use your brand colors to start building recognition in your potential client base. For example, use it to highlight things that are especially important. You can also use it creatively, so your brochure stands out from a crowd from similar companies. You don’t want to start by throwing a ton of color on your brochure. Remember the tip above, and don’t sacrifice your negative space for flashy and assertive color. Use it conservatively and you will see a difference.

4. High Quality Paper

High quality paper will make or break your brochures. Flimsy paper is popular because it’s cheap, but it’s not going to help you stand out. It doesn’t inspire confidence in you or your message. It’s also easier to tear, damage, smear, etc. High-quality paper from a custom printing company will last longer and allow your brochures to reach more people than they otherwise would.

5. Add a Call to Action

Now that you’ve given someone all this information in a brochure, don’t leave it without a call to action. Tell them what they should do! It may be as simple as scheduling an appointment with your showroom or getting in touch with your customer service team. However, it could be something more complicated. Whatever it is, get in there and tell them what to do.

Brochures can have a big impact on your business. Follow these tips to turn out clear, durable, and easy to read brochures. You don’t want your success to depend on a flimsy product or unclear brochure directions. Use color carefully, give everything space, and add a call to action at the end. Look into what brochures your business needs today.

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How Booklets Can Increase Sales for Your Business

Booklets Photo by fotshot Photo by fotshot[/caption]

Photo by fotshot on Pixabay[/caption]

Booklets are a great way to give customers visuals of the work your company does. No matter what type of products your company sells, booklets look professional and sophisticated. You will gain more clients and revenue by merely utilizing a leaflet for your clients to look through. As a business owner, you want to increase sales for your business. Keep reading to learn how booklets can help you achieve that goal.

Booklets Are Professional

Regardless of what you are selling, potential customers are looking to see if you are a good business. Half of the battle is creating a brand that makes potential customers feel comfortable when making purchases. Having a professional feel for your business is extremely important, and booklets do that for you. When you can hand someone a booklet, it shows a level of professionalism that gives you credibility. That credibility will provide you with lifelong customers and boost your business. Nothing says that you are serious about your company and its products more than a professional quality booklet filled with beautiful designs.

They Are Portable

Booklets are portable, which allows for higher visibility. You can hand out some to your customers, and they can share it with their friends and family. Or if you have friends and family who are interested in what you do, you can give them some which they can then share with everyone they know. Booklets are an easy way to market your business without spending a lot of time on marketing. While people love seeing things on social media, it is nice to have something tangible to flip through and see everything you offer laid out professionally. If someone sees things they like, they will order them, and pass it along to people they know will also love your company and its products.

They Are Educational and Aesthetically Pleasing

Don’t limit your booklets to only showcasing products. They can also showcase valuable information. If there are any facts that your customers need to know, you can have informational pages throughout the booklet in between your products. Customers love to learn about a company and understand why they do what they do and even the process of creating the products. And of course, booklets can be almost like a work of art. You can create photos and graphics designed to showcase everything you sell. As a result, you show off your fantastic branding which increases your chances of gaining new customers.

Booklets are a great way to increase sales for your business. Professional booklets will enhance every item you have and display them in a way that blows people away. No matter your style or branding, booklets are what your business needs. You can take an empty booklet and fill it with everything you and your business stand for. It will be a true representation of what your customers will be buying. Transparency at the most professional level is wonderful to see as a customer. Moreover, it makes people flock to your company faster than you thought possible.

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Why Use Custom Printing Services?

photo by TeroVesalainen- photo by TeroVesalainen-[/caption]

Custom printing services are excellent for any business. There are so many different ways they can help you to create fantastic content that will bring in more customers daily. Some people are asking the question “why use custom printing services?” Keep reading this article to find out the answer.

They Are Cost Efficient

One of the best things about using custom printing services is that it is cost-effective. Custom printing services will usually offer items in bulk because most purchases are for businesses. They also understand that you want amazing products at affordable prices. It is also nice because what you save you can put back into your business. Every item you are purchasing is going into advertising or explaining more about your business. So technically, they will eventually pay for themselves.

Custom Printing Services Provide Variety

Custom printing services are astounding because they allow you to create anything! When you work with custom printing services, you can choose from a huge variety of prints and color options. There are also times when you can use your own images to create whatever your heart desires. This ranges from banners and stickers to business cards and wall decals. No matter what you need or want to design, you can. With custom printing services, the possibilities are endless.

Excellent Customer Service

When you work with custom printing services, you also get outstanding customer service. Most services provide multiple venues for communication when you need to contact them. For example, you can contact them via chats or emails, and even social media. Most businesses today have multiple social media platforms that you can message them on. They will usually respond reasonably quick. On certain ones you can even discover when they are usually online, so you know what the best times of day are to contact them. Fantastic customer service is one of the most critical parts of a company. When you decide to use printing services, you will rest easy knowing that no matter what you need you will be able to ask and get a response as quick as possible.

They Are Convenient

Ordering from custom printing services are extremely convenient. You can search online through their vast inventory to find the right products for you without even leaving your home or business. Then simply place an order and wait for it to arrive. It is nice because you do not have to waste your time searching through tons of items in a regular store. When ordering from custom printing services, you just search and click.

When it comes to marketing and getting your business name out there, custom printing services meet your needs. With custom printed business cards, mailers, or flyers you are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. Not only are they convenient, but they are also cost-efficient and provide you with a variety of options. Our excellent customer service at Guru Printers can help answer your questions and get you started on ordering the printed materials you need. Contact us today, through our convenient online form.

Three Ways to Create Amazing Business Cards


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Business cards are still a valuable marketing tool, even in these days of LinkedIn and social media. When you’re designing your business card, put some thought into it. You want to be sure that the cards are working for you. Are your cards different than the norm? Do they channel your website or brand guideline? Do your business card answer questions, or raise them? Here are three ways to make sure you create fabulous business cards.

1. Make the Conscious Effort to be Different

You should know what the industry standard is for your profession. Some professions favor the effortless business look. Others, like artists or entertainment industry cards, need something eye-catching and experimental. Look through the cards you’ve collected (you have been networking, haven’t you?) and see what’s the same about them. Maybe they all have similar color schemes, rounded edges, or similar fonts. Find what seems to be very common. Then, make the conscious choice to step outside of those boundaries.

You should make sure that you’re not taking things to the point where they damage your card. You shouldn’t use a font that’s hard to read, even though it would be different. If it seems that most cards use a formal, serifed font, something sans serif could be a break for the eyes. If black and white dominate, consider a pop of color on your card. Take the expectations for your industry and tweak them until you have something that fits your vision and stands out from the crowd.

2. Channel Your Website

If you love your website, why not take it a step further? Typically, when you’re drafting a website, you finalize things like your brand style guide. Take that same branding and apply it to your card. Keep everything consistent with your online branding, including the font.  Even using the same brand colors works to connect your business cards to your website. As a result, it enforces your brand and clearly links your work with your online and in-person presence.

3. Give Them Almost Everything They Want

When someone looks at your business cards, they want to know who you are, what you do, and how to get a hold of you. These are straightforward goals. You should definitely make sure that you include all of that information. After all, if they have to do any extra work to find your phone number or email address, it would be easier for them to reach for someone else’s card. However, is there room on your card to raise a little more curiosity? A link to something important that you’ve done, for example, a gallery of your photographs, can create a little more interest in who you are and what you’re doing. Assuming your attention-getter is related to the business you do, it can drive someone’s interest in working with you.

Amazing business cards aren’t one size fits all. You have to know your industry, and how you can stand out in a crowd. That’s the most important thing to do. Once you have that, make sure that your card is doing more to get someone’s attention. If you’re stuck, just look at your branding as a style guide. You should find great inspiration there.

Four Keys to Creating the Perfect Brochure

Creating a Brochure Photo by William Iven on Unsplash Photo by William Iven on Unsplash[/caption]

A brochure is a bite-sized introduction to your company, your event, or products and services you offer. It’s a quick way to bring someone up to speed on all that you have going on. That’s why it’s so important that when you create a brochure, you get it right the first time. Keep these four principles in mind while you’re designing, and your brochure will come out great every time.

Focus on Your Main Point

Brochures are small in size and need to contain only vital information. When creating one, it needs to have one clear goal. First, you want to identify the topic of your brochure and make every topic sentence clear. Next, eliminate any information that doesn’t support your main point. You’re writing something that’s supposed to compel the reader want more. It’s not an encyclopedia that answers every question and provides every fact.

Make Use of Negative Space

Brochures work best when they’re simple and elegant in design. When you’re paying to print a brochure, it’s tempting to want to make use of every inch of space. If you can’t cram it with text, it’s tempting to try to fill space with pictures, bright colors, or large, styled fonts. Resist temptation whenever possible! Your brochure won’t be effective if no one can read it.

Create a Multiuse Design

When you’re designing, try to create something that can withstand multiple printings. It should look good in full color (if you’re using pictures or charts), but also be easy to understand in black and white. Glossy paper, matte paper, it should be designed across boundaries. A best-case scenario with brochures is that you end up needing more of them. If you ever have to put in a rush order, it’s best if your requirements are flexible.

Stay True to Your Branding

A pamphlet is an extension of your business. No matter how small the expected circulation is, design it like it’s going to represent your brand to everyone. If your business has a signature font, use it. If there are specific style requirements that your company uses, don’t forget them for this brochure. To some of the people this brochure reaches, this will be your company’s first impression. You want to make it a great one!

Designing the perfect brochure is a challenge. You want to follow your internal style guides, so it fits with your brand. You also want your brochure to look great in multiple styles of printing. Don’t overcrowd your work. Make sure that it focuses on a problem, service, or story that’s small enough to be conveyed effectively in a brochure’s limited space.

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Five Reasons for Custom Window Decals

Photo by Nigel Tadyanehondo on Unsplash Photo by Nigel Tadyanehondo on Unsplash[/caption]

Custom window decals are a nice and easy way to change the look of your store or business. You can use them in many different ways and be creative. Some people are unsure if they should get them, or how customers will receive them. In this article, you will learn five reasons for custom window decals.

Custom Window Decals Bring in More Business

When you have custom window decals on your stores or businesses windows, you can bring in more customers. Think about it, when you are walking down a street filled with shops, you usually only go into the ones you know or ones that catch your eye. With custom window decals, you can easily draw your customer’s attention. You will have them coming into your store or business, leaving your competition behind in the dust.

You Can Be Unique

Something that is great about custom window decals is that they are custom! You can design anything you can possibly imagine. This means you can be unique and stand apart from the crowd. People love seeing quirky or interesting designs in a company’s window. You can use bright colors, innovative sayings, or crazy images- your customers will love it! You may even be deemed an Instagram worthy spot, which will bring in more customers than you could ever imagine.

It Uses the Space You Have

Most stores or business just have mannequins or “open” signs/decals in the window. These are great; however, you have a lot of marketing potential space you are not using if you do the same. When you get custom window decals, it will change that for the better. You can highlight sales or promotions you have going on so customers can see them from outside. Since most people have a hard time resisting a sale, this will be a goldmine opportunity for you and your company.

Use Them to Be a Part of The Décor

Custom window decals don’t have to just bring customers in, you can actually use them to dress up your store or business. Are there animals or drawings that you love? You could make them into custom window decals to be a part of your décor. They could completely change the way your space feels and give an interesting or cool vibe that customers and your team will love.

They Are Cost Effective

When you purchase custom window decals for your business, you don’t have to spend too much money. They are cost effective and will last you for a long period of time. This means you will not have to invest in banners or other forms of advertisements. Your business will greatly appreciate the advertisement, and your wallet will appreciate the low cost.

Those are the top five reasons for custom window decals. Remember that they can bring in more business, can be unique, use the space you have, are a part of the décor, and are cost effective. No matter what type of store or business you have, you can create amazing custom window decals that you will love and bring in more business.

Important Things to Include in Your Business Flyer

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Important Things to Include in Your Business Flyer

Creating a flyer is still a great way to advertise your business or event. Versatile and with many distribution options, an eye-catching paper marketing piece can attractively inform potential and existing customers. What should you include on your next flyer? It is important that you get the most important information without overwhelming the look. Here are some things to include in your next business flyer.


A Bold Headline

Why should someone pay attention to your flyer? Why now? How are you setting up what he is about to read in order to compel him to read further? Is it an upcoming event or sale? Having a bold headline will draw your reader in and make him want to see what all it is you are offering. Take some time to think through the most compelling piece of information you have and make that the focal point.



Whether it’s a design or photography choice, make sure your design is pleasant to look at. You want to draw people into reading the information, not turn them away. A few things that can affect readability are poor design choices, color choices, font size, and amount of information. You want reading your flyer to be as effortless as possible. Find examples of marketing materials that you like and incorporate some of those ideas into your own flyer. You may want to hire a graphic designer to help you lay out your marketing piece.


Enticing Offer

Why should someone read your flyer? What are you offering? Is it a sale or a grand opening? Offer something back to the customer. If it’s a sale, declare the flyer to be a coupon where the customer can get a certain amount off his order. If it’s an event, why would people want to come to your event? Make sure that you clearly spell out what is in it for the customers if they take you up on your offer to come to your store or event.


Who is This?

Do not forget to include identifying information. It’s amazing how often flyers lack key information, so remember to answer the obvious questions like, “What’s the name of your business?” “Where are you located?” and “How can the customer find you?” Including all the necessary information on a flyer while also creating as little effort as possible for the customer is the sweet spot you want.


Social Media Connections

How can customers find you online? Make sure to include your social media information. That way, customers can get more information online. Additionally, if you are running out of space, the social media handles are great places to house additional information. Make sure the information is easy to find, however, and don’t make people hunt for them.


Links and Visuals

If you are distributing this flyer online and in print, make sure you include both links and visual social media information. Having links save a lot of space, but when you print out the information and hand it to someone, it’s not helpful to include lines like, “Click here for more information.” Make sure you have two versions of your flyer if you intend to distribute both digitally and through print.


Flyers are wonderful, eye-catching ways to tell people about your event or business. Make sure you carefully plan the best use of your flyer so as not to overwhelm or turn off customers. A well-crafted flyer can draw more people to your business if you design it carefully and offer something enticing to the customer.

Wall Decals Photo by Olu Eletu on Unsplash

Decorate and Personalize with Wall Decals

Decorating a home is a dream come true for a lot of people. Picking out wall colors and deciding where to hang pictures is the fun of moving into your new home. Finally, there are options are out there for people who find themselves renting space or living in a temporary situation. There’s no need to sacrifice decorative freedom when you are not in your permanent home. Choosing to brighten your place up with wall decals isn’t just reserved for renters, but it is the perfect solution to make a big impression that can be easily removed. There are many ways wall decals can be used to give your space a great, put together look.

Decorative Touches

You can purchase wall decals in many different forms. Patterned accent sheets work much like wallpaper, without the permanency or the fuss of glue. Adding some accent sheets to a few small walls in your space adds a completely different look your place, making it all your own. The great news is that you don’t have to cover your every wall with the same sheet. There are no rules anymore as you add small touches of color as you see fit. Additionally, you can also add smaller decals to your walls to create your own patterned look without needing a full accent sheet. Simply, space sheets of small decorative shapes slightly apart to give your wall an elegant look without an elegant price.

Finishing Touches

The options for wall decals are numerous. For instance, add everything from favorite cartoon characters to nature scenes, to your walls and give your room its own personality. Beyond paint and standard decorating, wall decals offer limitless ways to make your space unique. Many people are opting to leave their walls as-is, in favor of cute animal scenes for their baby nursery. Kids and teens can now change out the look of their room as their tastes change. Even better, adorn your kitchen with touches like vintage fruit crate labels without the fuss of hanging a picture. As a result, make your space great with the ability to stick and unstick wall decals, over and over again.

Inspiring Quotes

With wall decals, you can now adorn your walls with inspiring quotes. You can have cute personalized decals made with your last names and marriage dates to bring warmth to your rooms. These finishing touches look great, however it breaks the traditional notion that walls should just look pretty. Let inspiration flow through your space with the many words of inspiration and personal credos now available. Better yet, allow these words to inspire others within your living space.

Calendars and Command Centers

Today, more and more people turn their kitchen and entryway walls into command centers for busy families. The space becomes the centralized and organized location that keeps everyone on track with their weeks and commitments. With this trend, have come a new crop of wall decals that help create the perfect organized spot. With the increased need for calendars and weeks at-a-glance, these decals allow you to write down your schedule. Keep your family organized with special chalk markers and dry erase, while still maintaining an attractive, eye catching decorated space.

Decorating your house doesn’t have to be a long term decision. You don’t have to agonize over paint colors because you know the undertaking will be permanent and last a long time. Wall decals give you the freedom to not just decorate your space, but to personalize it. You can stick and pull off wall decals easily and that means you can change your space again and again.

Ways to Maximize your Marketing with Decals

Photo by Alexander Dummer on Unsplash Photo by Alexander Dummer on Unsplash[/caption]

There are many ways you can market your business using decals. While some might argue that non-digital marketing is not where you should put your dollars, sticker marketing is in reality very effective. There are several strategies and ways to use decals and stickers for brand building. Here are a few ways to maximize your business marketing using decals.

Not Just a Bumper Sticker Campaign

While bumper stickers are still an option for your stickers, don’t limit yourself to the age old rectangle, space filling sticker of the old days. Car decals come in many different shapes and sizes. From bumpers to windows, you can have a variety of options printed for your sticker marketing campaign. Additionally, people like to put decals on things other than their vehicles. Making sizes that look nice on cell phones, notebooks, and even travel mugs can widen the audience and use for your stickers. By throwing out the idea that a sticker can only go on a car, you create an opportunity to place your brand everywhere people go. Make sure to put thought and care into design and information listed as this may be the only way others find out about your business.

Sticker Marketing Options

In addition to different size decals, you can have different designs made up as well. Maybe some decals have more information than others. Small stickers with logos only might fit nicely on a cell phone case and create a conversation topic. Still other places might fare better with more information or the company name spelled out. Makes sure the few seconds a potential customer is going to see that sticker, that it is memorable.


Everyone loves free stuff. Make decals available to your customers through goody bags and bartering for information. Maybe you want to collect some information on a potential customer at an event. A decal trade for some basic contact info just might do the trick. Find places in your community that pull together welcome wagon packets and find out what you need to do to get your decals in there. Being the first thing a new person sees when they move to the area can be a great thing for business.

Brand Building

The ability to stick a decal almost anywhere is going to give your brand building a boost. Brainstorm with your employees on ways to distribute and place the decals for maximum benefit. What are some well trafficked areas that your customer demographic hangs out? What type of sticker would be most effective for that group. Do your research and come up with a thoughtful design. Make sure it’s memorable and find fun ways to distribute your stickers out into the community.  

Employee Marketing

Make sure you hand out decals to your employees for them to distribute them among their peer groups. If people like a work place, they are typically not afraid to share it. Finding ways for the employees to further blanket the community with stickers is a great way to accomplish basic brand building and get more traffic to your business.

Decals may seem like an antiquated way to market. The reality, however, is that couldn’t be further from the truth. By distributing stickers in varying shapes and sizes and with different messages on them that all direct inquiries and traffic back to your place of business is money well spent. People still love bumper stickers. They love to gush about a company or product they love. Decals are the perfect giveaway that can have long term ripple effects.

Add a Step and Repeat Banner to your Event

Photo by Alexander Dummer on Unsplash[/caption]

When hosting an event, it is important to make the most of your marketing budget. A step and repeat banner is an excellent addition to your event. A step and repeat banner is a large backdrop that is typically set up near the entrance or right inside the door of a big event. The banner itself usually has a logo or business name printed in a pattern repeatedly, and is where people stop to take photos before going inside. Here are a few compelling reasons to make room in your event budget for a step and repeat.

Control Your Entrance

You will want your event to feel like it has one entry and exit point. Sometimes that is hard to communicate to your guests. Guests coming in from all different directions makes your event looks scattered and disorganized. A step and repeat is a cannot-miss focal point that will let your guests know without a doubt where the entrance is. The step and repeat will create an impressive line as people pause to take photos with their friends and dates.

Upgrade Your Event

A step and repeat makes your event look polished and well planned. It is the first thing that guests will notice as they enter your event and it will make them feel like they are attending something really special. Everyone associates step and repeats with glitzy Hollywood movie parties. Your guests will love getting their picture made in front of your own step and repeat.

Social Media

Your event can go from guests only to high profile by simply adding an opportunity for guests to take photos in front of the step and repeat. Guests can take their own photos and share them on their social media channels. Additionally, you can setup a photo booth opportunity and control the social media sharing yourself. Tag guests, hashtag sponsors and take your event from one evening to a digital wave that connects with people for days and weeks to come.


A step and repeat is a fantastic incentive for sponsors. By promising them prime real estate on your step and repeat banner, sponsors can enjoy maximum exposure. Your guests will know immediately who has sponsored the event. Additionally, guests will share their photos on social media which will garner them more exposure. Make space on your step and repeat banner a prime incentive for your top givers and see how many sponsors bump up their donations.

Making Connections

What if one of your goals is to meet people and gather information? The step and repeat is the perfect way to gather that information. With the addition of a professional photo opportunity, your staff can warm chatter with guests and gather their information to send them photos or connect them with exciting opportunities within your company. Even without a professional photographer, it is the receiving line for your event and a great reason to get your guests to the door and slow them down so you have time to meet each person.

A step and repeat is a must have for your next event.  With so many benefits, it’s hard to make the case to not have one. A step and repeat will give your party a quality and professional look, it will frame the entrance to your event, and gain you visibility on social media and with donors. It’s easy to make the case for one when you see the impact a step and repeat can have on the success of your event. Call Guru Printers at (213) 612-4451 to order one for your event.