Targeted Marketing

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Brochures and Flyers
Advertising and marketing take on a number of forms from large billboard displays through to flyers and brochures handed directly to existing and potential customers. Depending on your industry and the volume of customers you have and anticipate, some of these forms will be more appropriate than others. Larger businesses and corporates will have a mix of advertising and marketing forms as they have large advertising and marketing budgets which allows them to spread their budget across a mix of less targeted forms such as billboards as well as more personal forms such as brochures and flyers. Smaller businesses, with much smaller advertising and marketing budgets often have to choose between forms based on what form will have the higher return rate. Most often, personal advertising and marketing forms such as brochures and flyers are the more successful form of advertising and marketing for smaller businesses rather than the less frequent, less targeted billboard and large poster forms.
Smaller businesses will have fewer customers many of whom will be more localized customers that live or work in the area of your business or their own businesses are located close to your own. In this case a billboard across town is useless but handing out brochures and flyers to potential customers is likely to be far more effective. If you fell that brochure and flyers are a more effective advertising and marketing form, then simply handing out or distributing any old brochures and flyers is not going to be good enough. These brochures and flyers need to have also been very carefully designed, of high quality and have a very direct message. It may seem easy enough to do on your own businesses desktop printers but no matter how good your printers and your advertising and marketing team, in-house printed brochures and flyers are going to look amateurish.
Thus, even for small businesses, you are going to have to partner with a good Los Angeles printing company to have your brochures and flyers created, designed and printed. Fortunately, identifying and choosing a Los Angeles printing company is relatively easy as there are a number of excellent printing providers around. When choosing a Los Angeles printing company, you do, however, want to make sure that they specialize in brochure and flyer printing. You want to ensure that they have a choice of sizes, paper qualities and a good design team that can take your advertising and marketing teams messages and turn them into a brochure or flyer that will be remembered, retained and acted on by some of your potential customers. A good printing company will have various options for flyers and brochures in terms of layout, folds, size and look and feel and if none of them are suitable, a good, worthwhile Los Angeles printing company will be able to run a custom job for you.
As a small business owner or manager, your tighter budgets require smarter choices. Brochures and flyers are an excellent targeted advertising and marketing form that should not be ignored. Just make sure you choose the right Los Angeles printing company.