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Patience is a virtue and with over 20 years of experience, Guru Printers has mastered the art of color copying, business card printing, postcard printing, brochure printing, flyer printing and much more. Located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles and family owned and operated, Guru Printers offers a wide range of printing services at affordable prices.

We continuously recycle all our waste in order to minimize our environmental impact and also offer “Go Green” paper at no extra cost on a majority of our products. By also incorporating environmentally friendly ink on our products, we want to ensure our client’s that not only are they getting the best quality print products, but they're also making a difference. Contact one of our Gurus today and let us enlighten you!!!

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Temporary Change of Location
April 21,2014 22:29 PM

Fellow Gurus and Loyal Customers, Due to construction at the Macy's Plaza Mall, Guru Printers will be moving to a temporary location in the Verizon Building as of 4/21/14.  Our new address will be 700 South Flower Street Suite #1200  Los Angeles, CA  90017. Just let the security in the lobby know that you're here to see Guru Printers and they will buzz you up!  All of our contact information will remain the same.  We apologize for any inconvenience and hope that you will continue to do business with Guru Printers! Truly Yours, Guru Printers Team 213-612-4451 guruprintersonline@gmail.com
Elements of poster design
April 21,2014 15:42 PM

Elements of poster design Poster printing is a marketing tool used by businesses and organizations to capture a moving audience’s attention. In a short period of time, a poster can tell a story, relay a message and encourage your audience to make a purchase. In order to do all of this in such a short period of time, a poster must be visually appealing and have all of the essential information listed in a limited amount of space. Before designing your promotional poster, you must know what your intended audience is, where the poster will be placed and what message you want to send. Keep your posters concise and to the point, while still being able to get all of the important details out to your audience. Here are some key elements every poster should contain:
  • Font: Should be easy to read and large enough to be viewed from a distance. It should be readable from up to five feet away. If at all possible, avoid using all capital letters.
  • Headline: Create a dominant headline or use an image to attract your audience’s eye.
  • Message: Emphasize the important message with a large size and added color.
  • Layout: Make it simple and clear so the audience knows where to find information, including date, time, location and contact information. Use a layout design that is both logical and in a functional sequence.
  • Color: Use bold and intense colors to enhance your message. A little color goes a long way in the marketing world.
  • Content: You do not need to rewrite your entire marketing campaign on a single poster. Hit the highlights of your message and once you have captured your audience’s attention you can pass along more information in the form of a catalog or brochure.
  • Images: Use images that are designed to be clearly enlarged. Avoid using images that become blurry or pixilated when enlarged.
  • Posters should be readable using language that is grammatically correct and easy to understand. Remember, you have an average of ten seconds to grab your audiences attention. Keep the overall message clear and focused on what is important.
Happy Monday
April 21,2014 15:37 PM

Happy Monday!  Hope everyone had a good Easter.
Design eye catching promotional stickers
March 31,2014 20:11 PM

Promotional stickers are a great way to get word out about your business, an upcoming event, sale or featured products. Fun promotion stickers are exciting and serve to attract attention. Informative promotion stickers serve to educate consumers about your business or product. Sticker printing can be used to develop promotional messages that can be adhered to products, flyers, brochures, mailings and anything else you can think of. Promotional stickers can also be distributed like business cards and handed out to every customer or passer by. Promotional stickers should be eye catching and unique to your company. Your company’s logo and/or business name should be featured prominently on the sticker. If you choose to use your stickers to promote a sale or message to your audience, your company’s identity should still remain visible and easily identifiable. Here are some tips to help develop and unique and effective marketing tagline for your sticker printing campaign.
  • Characterize your product and services and show how they can serve as a solution to a problem and meet your audience’s needs.
  • Make your company stand out from others by using a catchy slogan your customers will remember.
  • Be credible, meaning, only offer products and services you can follow through with. Do not promise something on your promotional stickers that you cannot offer.
Sticker printing is a unique marketing technique that is commonly overlooked by business owners. Stickers are a fun and informative method to get your message out to the masses. Make sure your promotional sticker printing campaign has one focused message, connects emotionally with your audience and distinguishes you from your competition.