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Guru Printers Goes Big with Posters


Posters are a great way to advertise, and flexible sizing matters. Your business needs posters, canvas prints, and photographs to advertise or enhance your premises. At Guru Printers, we offer the sizes you need to most effectively use these resources.

Poster placement matters

Posters are a highly effective way to advertise an event. If your business is having an opening, a sale, or a new show, you want to send out posters. Where you place them depends on the kind of event that you want, but telephone poles, public notice boards, and in windows are just a few of the most successful places. You can also hand out posters to people who visit your location or your trade show booth, etc., so that they can spread the word. Each of these instances requires a different sized poster to be effective.

You can assume that most people won’t circle a telephone poll to see your poster from every angle. Something too big is just going to be ignored. Likewise, trade show visitors are going to pick up a lot of advertising and merchandise as the day goes on. If you want your posters to compete, they can’t be that bulky. Anything too heavy or difficult to carry is going to get dropped.

Guru Printers offers sizes as small as 16’’ by 20’’ for your small poster needs. You can also have them made in a smaller size by ordering a custom request. If you need a giant poster to hang in windows, you can go to the opposite end of the spectrum. Their largest posters are 48’’ by 60’’ and will make a bold statement in your display areas. It’s a cost effective way to be sure your poster catches the eye of everyone passing by. There are many options in between, so you can get the size that fits the poster’s purpose.

A picture’s worth a thousand words

At the end of the day, a picture’s worth a thousand words. Guru Printers can help you get the right size for your picture. Picture enlarging is a difficult thing to master. Guru Printers offers a variety of picture sizes and options for you to choose from. You can get your picture at the size you need without sacrificing clarity and detail. This is perfect for showcasing events that your company was part of. Whether you need a head shot for your office walls, or a shot of your whole team, Guru Printers covers your needs. You can also choose the larger sizes for presentations on new products.

Put your best features forward

Canvas prints are one step up in permanence and quality from photographs, and they’re perfect for permanent installations. You can use a canvas print to showcase an award or an accomplishment that your business is proud of. It will keep your waiting area, conference room, or even your office professional but promotional. It’s a little tacky to give yourself a gold statue when you accomplish something; a canvas print is a tasteful alternative. Guru Printers offers a range of sizes so you can bring in the printed canvas that fits your decor and your needs.

Choosing the most effective size for your media can up its impact. Whether the poster is big enough to fill your window or small enough to be carried all day, the right size matters. Guru Printers puts the power to choose in your hand with simple ordering for photos, canvas prints, and posters.

We’ve Got Your Business Meeting Covered


GuruPrinters is here for all your business meeting needs. Whether you’re trying to explain a new policy to colleagues or you’re presenting to a major client, custom printing raises the bar on professionalism. You can use these props to gather, keep, and use attention in the meeting. Get custom printed booklets, presentation folders, and take away bookmarks to keep your presentation fresh.

Keep things concise with a booklet

When you’re trying to run one of the biggest meetings of your career, you want to make it as easy as possible to follow along. Yes, you’re going to be engaging. Yes, you’re going to be wonderful. However, you also have to be realistic. We’ve all been on the other side of the boardroom table. There’s a great presenter giving a very important presentation, but we zone out anyway. It’s not the presenter’s fault that we didn’t sleep well last night, we skipped breakfast when we really shouldn’t have, or we have a big date later we can’t stop dreaming about. It’s almost impossible to hold our attention with no distractions for a whole meeting. Rather than fight that, make it easy for every hungry, sleepy, or love-struck person in the meeting to get back into the flow of things.

A booklet is a great tool. It allows you to put all the most important information in one place. You can include a table of contents or timeline to help people keep up with the presentation. You can include a description of resources, and more. A booklet is a great way to cover your main points and help people follow along in the meeting.

Stay on track with presentation folders

Presentation folders are a great way to engage your audience. Stuff them with handouts to engage knowledge. Offer little perks, from custom printed bookmarks to personalized messages, inside these folders. A good business meeting can be run with a PowerPoint and an engaging speaker. To move the bar from good to amazing you have to do go above and beyond. GuruPrinters can whip up the kind of custom, engaging presentation folders and fillers to make your presentation memorable.

Be memorable with bookmarks

Of course, you want everyone to remember what was discussed during the meeting. However, most people quickly forget unless they took notes or leave with something to remind them. Use a bookmark to simplify the core message of your business meeting. Another option is to print a bullet point list of tips to help them remember.  Certainly, every great presentation has layers. Help people remember the key points with custom printed bookmarks. There’s a reason that so many companies rely on bookmarks, pens, and other eye-catching, useful items to spread their message. What we read often enough sticks with us, even when we’re not consciously thinking about it.

A business meeting isn’t the most exciting show in the world. However, with careful use of custom printed materials you can keep your audience engaged and receptive. Consider printing bookmarks to remind your audience of your key points long after the meeting is over. The use presentation folders helps everyone stay on track, and booklets help people follow along. They even display your most pressing information from the start of the meeting.

The Trade Show Printing Pros


Putting together everything you need for a trade show is no easy task. You have a limited amount of time to make a big splash. Standing out in a sea of booths is a challenge. You need your area to be unique, eye-catching, and memorable. You also need to be able to market yourself in a space where everyone is exchanging business cards. The key to both points is finding trade show printing that turns out high quality every time. The key to both points, is trade show printing that turns out high-quality every time. Guru Printers are the trade show printing pros. They stake their #1 Yelp rating on it.

Advertise your booth

The floor of the trade show is always a crowded mess. You’re lucky if you can see more than a few yards. What’s more, if you want to bring people in, you have to stand out. We have you covered at Guru Printers. We offer indoor/outdoor printed vinyl banners that are sure to make your booth pop. You can select the dimensions, upload your own artwork, and receive your banner in 3-4 business days.

A vibrantly colored, vinyl banner is sure to shine on the trade show floor. However, we provide even more for your booth, to help you stand out. Like most people, you bring your set up with you to trade shows, this includes everything to decorate your tables and walls. In addition to vinyl banners, tabletop displays help you say more about your booth, and about yourself. Moreover, to help make your set up easier, choose semi-permanent or permanent decals

Advertise yourself

A beautiful booth helps to draw people in, but how do you keep their attention once they leave? By providing handouts, such as business cards, brochures, and even stickers, you are leaving a lasting impression. At Guru Printers, we offer a variety of ways to stand out from the competition. Choose from a variety of papers, weights, and styles to get the business cards or brochures that capture your image.

You can also get custom buttons, notepads, and more as prizes. Generating a buzz about your booth is a must. Many organizations find a simple prize pool helps pull people in. Additionally, writing information in a notebook with your name and logo keeps you fresh. By thinking outside the box, there are many ways our printing helps you capture the spotlight at a trade show.

A reputation you can trust

At Guru Printers, we  rely on more than our wide selection and excellent turnaround times. We work hard to ensure that each order is correct and on time. We value customer service. Because of our excellent customer service,  Yelp rated us #1 for 2016. That kind of reputation can’t be squandered. In 2017, we look forward  to receiving Yelp’s award for best customer service a second time.

Trade shows are busy, noisy, and over in a flash. If you want to stand out you have to draw the eye. Don’t worry, at Guru Printers, we make trade show printing a snap.  Let us help you pick out a vinyl banner for your booth, and outfit yourself with the business cards, prizes, and perks you need to stand out from the crowd. Best of all, everything is backed by Guru Printer’s #1 rated customer service. You can trust the gurus.

Tips for Designing Business Cards


In the digital world we live in today, we often forget how much the tried-and-true marketing and selling methods matter.  Business cards are, and always have been, a key staple when introducing your business to potential clients.  Furthermore, an effectively designed, attention-grabbing business card will keep your business or service in the forefront of your clients’ minds.

The phrase, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” is the pinnacle of truth when it comes to handing a potential client a business card.  Follow these helpful tips and you will have a great conversation starter as well as a fantastic marketing tool.

Get Professional Help

Numerous companies offer hundreds of business cards for a great buy.  The fact is, they’re cheap.  The price is cheap because the product is cheap.  The very last thing you want to present to a potential client is a flimsy piece of paper that is poorly designed, confusing, or unprofessional.  A professional graphic designer knows your business cards should quickly convey who you are, what you value, and reflect well on your business.  Custom printers and graphic designers can easily create innovative yet professional cards using the appropriate paper stock and ink.  Your business card is not something you change every month.  It is a permanent first and lasting impression that speaks volumes about you and your business.

Follow the KISS Principle

A design principle noted by the U.S. Navy in 1960, KISS is an acronym for, “Keep it Simple, Stupid.”  In summary, this concept means that most systems work best when kept simple rather than made complicated by unnecessary complexity.  The KISS principle is perfect when applied to designing business cards.  Include the pertinent information such as your name, business name or service you provide, phone number, and email address or address (optional).  Consultants and home-office workers do not always need to provide their street address.  It is completely up to you whether you include it or not.

Avoid the Clutter

Feel free to include an image, embossed logo, or tagline.  When designing your business card, get as colorful and creative as you like; however, keep it clean and simple.  For example, don’t put your name in one corner, your phone number in another corner, and so on.  This is the information your clients need to access and placing it here, there, and everywhere on your business card appears disorganized and will not get you or your business noticed or remembered.  All pertinent information should be together and printed in an easy-to-read font.

Stick with Standard Sizing

Business cards have always been 2” x 3.5”, and they should remain that size.  Some people choose to print bigger business cards to “get them noticed.”  More than likely, their business card is thrown in the trash.  Business card holders, wallet inserts for business cards, and Rolodex-type business card holders are standard size.  To keep your business card in the file, whichever type that may be, stick with standard sizing.

Make it Yours

Business cards leave a lasting impression.  Use your logo, tagline, or trade symbol – just be sure to work with a designer to ensure the business card represents you and your business professionally.

At Guru Printers, we’re here to help.  Bring your own design or upload it here.  No design or images of your own?  Our team of designers can help you custom design the business card of your choice. Call us at 213-612-4451 (Downtown) or 213-935-8657 (Arts District) for all of your business card needs.  With many different templates to choose from, and multiple styles and options available, we can help you make your first impression a lasting one.



The Benefits of Mobile Marketing with Car Magnets

Car magnets may just be the most effective way to market your business or promote your product.  People are not always on the internet, they do not always read ads or flyers, and billboards get bypassed quickly.  Using a car magnet on your vehicle guarantees marketing exposure wherever you drive or even park your vehicle. This article discusses some of the benefits of using car magnets for mobile marketing.


Exposure is certainly the #1 advantage of car magnets for mobile marketing.  No matter where you drive, you will have exposure.  Whether you are picking the kids up from school, driving to a business meeting, or stopped at a traffic light, people look at other vehicles.  Simply by going about your daily life with a magnet (or two) on your car, you are getting new exposure every time you drive. Your car magnet is basically doing all the advertising legwork for you.

Design Versatility

Available for manufacturing in any shape or size, car magnets can be the size of a bumper sticker or designed to fit on the side of an SUV. At Guru Printers, we offer fully customizable car magnets in many different sizes, colors, images, and fonts.  Stuck on the design?  We help with that, too!


Perfect for self-employed individuals or businesses with a low marketing budget, car magnets are affordable and last for many years.  If designed with your logo and business information, there is really no need to regularly replace the magnet unless you are switching it to a promotional magnet.  If you need car magnets for a specific marketing campaign or advertisement, the cost to replace them is extremely affordable.


The flexibility of car magnets allows for versatility.  Simply peel the magnet off your car and replace with another magnet in seconds.  You have the flexibility to advertise your business one day, a promotion the next day, and a product the next.  Car magnets are super convenient and easy to switch out.


With a car magnet, you are doing more than just driving around town. When you drive your vehicle, you’re driving an advertisement. This advertising expense can generally be deducted from your taxes, but only if it’s directly related to your business activities. For example, this tax deduction does not include your vehicle expenses, mileage, or maintenance. However, the costs associated with the design, manufacture, and installation of your vehicle graphics, could be considered a tax deduction.  Always check with your tax advisor or CPA.  Take note of this tax deduction and keep your receipts, especially if you have numerous car magnets printed per year.


Car magnets are basically maintenance-free.  They are resistant to the sun’s UV lights and will not fade or lose their adhesiveness.  If they get dirty, simply wash them with detergent, air dry, and reapply.  These magnets will retain their attractiveness for years.

Think of it as mobile marketing on wheels. Make your business more noticeable with a cleverly-designed marketing message, advertisement, or promotion on a car magnet. A crowded parking lot, a busy restaurant, and even a traffic jam where your car magnet is visible will help you gain new customers.  Call Guru Printers today at 213-612-4451 (Downtown) or 213-935-8657 (Arts District) and let us help you get rolling with a dynamic mobile marketing car magnet.

Color copies at Guru Printers

Get your color copies made at Guru Printers

Color copies can be used in many different ways.  Color helps draw a person’s eye to the piece, especially when it is among multiple items.  Bright colors help the article stick out and be seen which is exactly what any business wants to have happen.  You don’t want a black and white printed piece of paper to disappear in a stack of papers that gets ignored and forgotten.

Guru Printers is here to help you when you need color copies.  Sometimes it is as simple as bringing in a print out of the item you want copied.  We can make fifty copies or a thousand copies, whatever you need.  We are always willing to make the exact number of copies you need and we get the copying done quickly.

If you are not entirely sure how to use color to enhance an item, come in and talk with the staff at Guru Printers.  We will gladly give you ideas and even show you examples of how color can add to your piece.  Color can grab and pull a person into reading the rest of what you are presenting.  It can highlight specific ideas that are important.  Before you decide to make copies of your presentation to hand out be sure to talk with us.  Strategic placement of color in your copies will help stress the important points, and will not add much to the cost of copying.

Be sure to use multiple, bright colors when designing brochures.  Using color copies is quick and easy once you have the brochure design on paper.  It also allows you to make more copies when needed so that you won’t have a large excess of brochures nor will you easily run out.  We can hold the original at our business and you can call when you need more copied, then pick them up quickly.  The work will be done when you arrive.

Another great place to use color is on postcards.  Your item can be copied onto cardstock, then cut to the desired size for sending as postcards.  Having color copies made and cut at Guru Printers is quick and easy.  Most postcards will be three or four cards to the page.  Remember that we can copy double sided.  If you are having a difficult time figuring out how to set up for double sided copies just ask and one of our staff will be sure you get it right.

Using color copies can be a great way to preserve the impact of the original piece.  Don’t settle for simple black and white copies of a color article.  Instead, drop by Guru Printers and we will quickly make color copies for you to hand out.

Start thinking about when you can use color copies and come to Guru Printers for fast, friendly service.  Using color copies instead of black and white does not increase cost much and remember that color makes your items look more professional and copying allows you to get the exact number you need, with no excess to waste.

Effectively Advertise with Window Decals

Window decals are a cost-efficient, highly effective way to advertise your business, sales, special offers, and hours of operation.  They can also be used to cover the vast areas of window space that are often left blank, bland, and boring. When used correctly, your business’ window display can be one of the most effective tools to make your business stand out and draw a steady stream of customers through the door of your business.  Following are some tips to help you effectively advertise with window decals.

Be Creative

Today’s technology ensures that your window decals are anything but boring.  For retail stores, window graphics are perfect for communicating important information to potential customers. Use window decals to display special discounts, clearances, sales, and hours of operation. For your business, window decals are a cost-efficient ways to advertise your services.  Rather than paying more for a banner stand that should be brought in every day, use window decals that can be seen even when your business is closed.

Drawing foot traffic to your windows will encourage potential customers to come in the store if they like what they see through the window.  The reverse is true as well.  When you use a teasing window decal that’s impossible to see through, customers typically come in to see what the teaser actually means.  For example, if you own a small clothing store, use a vibrant window decal printed with, “Guess what brand just arrived!,” to encourage customers to come inside and see newly arrived brand.

Minimize to Maximize

 One thing you want to avoid is too much text on a window decal.  Make your window decal clear, concise, and easily read by not only people walking, but also those driving by your store or business.  With excessive text, people only notice part of your decal.  Choose bright, bold colors for sales, promotions, and clearances.  How many stores on the same path as yours have the same red “SALE” sign?  Change the color and make your store or business stick out like a sore thumb.  The attention is exactly what you want.

Don’t go overboard by covering every inch of your storefront or business windows with window decals.  Getting window decals that are too large and cover almost the whole window make your store or business appear desperate and, quite frankly, gaudy.  Neat, to-the-point window decals are the best choices to entice customers.

Change Is Good

 People like to see new and different things.  Even the most creative window decals will begin to look boring if left up for too long.  Change your window decals every few months, or even weeks.  This simple step will keep your current customers coming back while attracting attention and new customers.

Don’t forget the seasons!  Window decals for seasonal promotions are a must.  Frequent shoppers look for holiday and seasonal promotions, sales, and offers.  Make certain you have  an eye-catching one displayed on your window storefront or business.

Your Window to the World

Your business or storefront is undoubtedly your window to the world.  Empty or poorly designed window space can send a bad impression to potential customers and clients.  Make it work for you by advertising your business, services, or specials.

At Guru Printers, we offer next day or same day service, local pickup, nationwide shipping, standard shapes or die cut & contour cut window decals.  If you find yourself stuck in a creative rut about your design, let us help you with that, too!  Contact us at (213) 612-4451 (Downtown) or (213) 935-8657 (Arts District) for all of your window decal needs.